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    What is the Problem?

          Nearly every dispute a lawyer can handle is also appropriate for mediation. Neighbor/neighbor, landlord/tenant, merchant/consumer, business/business, contract violations,  organizational disputes, divorce, relationship dissolutions - all the conflicts in which people find themselves. While legal representation is not required for participation in a mediation, you can still use a lawyer, if you wish, but as a consultant at a much reduced fee.

    What is Mediation

          Mediation is a conflict resolution process that is an alternative to litigation. Instead of hiring attorneys to represent them, the participants  represent themselves. Their case is not presented  before a judge and/or jury who assign guilt and innocence. In mediation, the participants talk directly to a mediator who acts as a neutral third party. The mediator does not render a verdict. Instead, the parties create their own resolution.

          In a courtroom, the attorneys do all the talking in a combative, winner-takes-all process. In mediation, the parties are encouraged to dialogue directly with each other, brainstorming solutions in a confidential,supportive and safe environment.

         During a court proceeding, the parties are involved in a passive process in which others act and make decisions on their behalf. In mediation, the parties are actively involved, making the decisions that will effect their lives. Rather than relying on the limited options available in a legal proceeding, the parties create a mutually satisfying agreement based on their own interests and needs. If an agreement is not reached, the parties can still go to court.

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