Barry Simon

A Conflict Resolution Service

    Why Mediation?

          In the traditional courtroom approach, the parties are represented by lawyers and the solution is suppose to be determined by a judge or jury. In reality, over 90% of all cases are settled before they ever get to a courtroom. The agreement is usually a compromise constructed by the lawyers over which the parties have little control.

    In the mediation process, the parties represent themselves. Mediation promotes each party's active involvement in the creation of a mutually beneficial agreement. It gives all parties an equal opportunity to present their points of view and recognizes the real emotions being expressed. 85% of the conflicts result in a long-term resolution, bringing closure to the conflict.

    What Are the Benefits?

    Issues discussed and the agreement reached remain the private property of the people directly involved. 

    You are only charged for the time you use based on a low hourly rate plus a one time flate administrative fee. 

    Many conflicts can be resolved in one or two sessions of approximately two hours each. 

    Risk Free.
    You are in complete control, making the decisions that affect your life. 

    When a resolution is found, the parties are motivated to see it succeed because they have created it themselves. 

    Mediation acknowledges the participants' innate abilities to resolve their own conflicts. 

    Participants improve their communication skills while acquiring the tools to prevent future conflicts.