Barry Simon

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Barry Simon

"I see conflict as a box in which the parties are trapped. As a mediator, I am a neutral third party who helps liberate them from this box. Just as the conflict is created by the parties, so, too, is the solution. They already have the basis for an agreement. It is my responsibility to create a safe, confidential space where they can discover it, thereby breaking the box. and, in the process, reveal their higher selves."

Barry Simon is the owner and founder of Mediated Solutions, a conflict resolution service located in the Los Angeles Area.

In November of 1993, Barry received a Certificate of Completion for 30 hours of Basic Mediation Training from the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Services, Inc. (DRS). He has also trained under Ken Cloke at the Center for Dispute Resolution as well as with Forrest Mosten Family Mediation Training.

Upon completion of his initial training, Mr. Simon began working as a volunteer for the West Hollywood Community Mediation Project and was instrumental in revitalizing its Rainbow Mediations program, specifically aimed at the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities in the greater Los Angeles area.  He also volunteers for the Centinela Valley Juvenile Diversion Project in which youthful criminal offenders participate face-to-face with their victims in a restitution mediation. In 1999 the County of Los Angeles awarded him an Honorable Mention as an outstanding adult volunteer in the area of mediation. He has also received Certificates of Recognition from the California State Assemby and Senate.

Mr. Simon mediates a diverse array of conflicts, including neighbor/neighbor, landlord/tenant, consumer/merchant, contractual violations, business and organizational disputes. He specializes in relationship dissolutions for same gender couples as well as divorces for heterosexual couples.  Mediation is a supportive and empowering process for a couple when their relationship comes to an end. It allows them to move from an intimate relationship to a more business-like one in a safe and compassionate atmosphere.

Mr. Simon is an advocate for the power of the mediation process to help disputants resolve their conflicts in a way that honors their ability to find the needed solutions. To help people understand how conflict can be a positive tool, he has developed a two hour inter-active workshop entitled "CONFLICT CAN HEAL: A Quick Course in Conflict Resolution Skills" that he offers to organizations at no cost. He also offers a free workshop called "My Checkbook, My Lover, and Me" which teaches same gender couples about Living Together Agreements.  With this powerful tool, they can lay down the ground rules of their relationship while at the same time establishing the formulas by which future conflicts can be resolved, creating a solid foundation on which their union can be built and grow. This is especially important for those couples considering parenthood.

For a free consultation or for more information about mediation, contact Mr. Simon at (818) 752-8340 or via e-mail at