Barry Simon

A Conflict Resolution Service

    Ten Rules For Resolving Conflict
    1.  Take turns Speaking & Listen to the other person.



    3.  Repeat what the other person is saying ("What I     hear you saying is....") & Ask if you are Correct.



    5.  Avoid Accusations. ("You did...said...are!")



    7.  Use "I" statements. ("I feel...think...believe.")



    9.  Focus on Interests ("This is what will fulfill my needs") rather than positions. ("This is what I must have to win").



    11.  Focus on the Future rather than the past.



    13.  Focus on Problems & Behavior ("When you do....." or "I have a problem with...") rather than personalities ("You are a ...").



    15.  Break the problem into Smaller parts, tackling the Easiest one first.



    17.  Split the difference 50/50 & look for Tradeoffs.



    19.  Be Creative & Flexible. 

Barry Simon is the founder of  Mediated Solutions, a conflict resolution service, and is also on the panel of mediators for the Mosten Mediation Centers. He has been helping people resolve their conflicts since 1993 and is a member of the Southern California Mediation Association. He conducts mediations dealing with neighbor/neighbor, landlord/tenant, merchant/consumer, contractual violations, business and organizational conflicts. He specializes in mediating divorces as well as relationship dissolutions for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered communities and encourages all couples who live together to write a Living Together Agreement. For his service to the community, Barry has received an ́Honorable Mentionî Award from the County of Los Angeles and awards of recognition from the California State Assembly and Senate. Barry can be reached at (818) 752-8340 or via e-mail at His website is